Tuesday, November 14, 2006

pcnames - esthetic easy domain search

pcnames is the easiest and defiantly most esthetic domain search site I've seen.
it immidietly gives you alternatives to your preferred domain in a case it is already taken
and if it really interests you, you can also find out who owns the domain you want.
(nice way to find out who is the lucky guy who owns your name.com)
nice & easy to use tool.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

swarmthe - dynamic visual web traffic

swarmthe is a graphical map showing online surfers traffic.the principle is that the more popular the site is, the closer it getsto the circle of the swarm.the website is dynamic so you can actually see the changing popularity of it by the continuous movement.

how do they know where the surfers go? the answer is by a firefox extension
that can be optionally downloaded.

more features are:

  1. you can actually see the movement of surfers by the thin lines moving from one site to another
  2. you can join or start a chat with other users about any link you see.
  3. text only version is available for those who do not have flash.

nice graphical site